Bibliothek Görlitz Bestand
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Profile of the library

The library is a scientific special library whose main objective is to procure, archive and make accessible scientific literature. The collections open are as well to students, pupils and the interested public.

The library owns some special collections, for example the personal collections of ornithological literature by Creutz, of literature about bugs by Jordan, or about butterfly literature by Scheffel.

The inventory of the library is systematically ordered by the following main subjects:

  1. General information
  2. Jurisprudence
  3. Dictionaries
  4. Mathematics
  5. Physics
  6. Chemistry
  7. Astronomy, Meteorology
  8. Serials
  9. Biographies
  10. Biology
  11. Theory of evolution, Genetics                
  12. Ecology
  13. Microbiology
  14. Mycology
  15. Botany
  16. Zoology
  17. Geology, Mineralogy, Palaentology
  18. Agriculture and forestry, hunting, freshwater fisheries
  19. Nature conservation and environmental protection
  20. Geography
  21. Museology

The library’s general stock of literature is situated in the library building. Some minor collections of frequently used specialist literature are constantly being lent to the heads of department

Collection / Statistics

Monographs 25,000    
Periodicals (vols.) 94,700
Maps 1,350
Audio-visual material 5,200
Scripts from the Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Görlitz 260                      
Special prints (yet to be registered) 25,800
Total stock (ca.) 152,000      

(March 2019)