»Vorsicht! Glas! Unsichtbare Gefahr für unsere Vögel«
An exhibition by the Technical University of Dresden.

Watch out! Glass!

Invisible danger for our birds

9. September 2023 until 5. May 2024

Crime scene window pane

Glass has taken on a central role in modern architecture and stands for transparency, elegance and openness. However, glass can be a deadly trap for birds. Every year, countless birds suffer serious injuries or even lose their lives in collisions with windows and glass façades. This silent mass extinction has a dramatic impact on bird populations and threatens the diversity of our natural world.

The exhibition “Watch out! Glass!” focuses on this invisible danger and aims to raise awareness, highlight solutions and call for action. We shed light on the causes and dangers of bird strikes caused by glass as well as innovative and aesthetic solutions that can help architects, urban planning authorities and private property owners to prevent bird strikes.

Opening on September 8, 2023 at 6 pm.