Sonderausstellung Leben unter Wasser „Kamera Louis Boutan
This little pink-eye goby by Thomas Lueken made it to 6th place in this year’s “Kamera Louis Boutan”.

Life under water 2020

Camera Louis Boutan

Life under water. Three words are enough to conjure up fantastic images of colorful coral fish, blue expanses or mysterious depths in the mind’s eye. Every two years, they become visible to our visitors in the form of award-winning photographs: the winning photos of the “Camera Louis Boutan”, the German championship in underwater photography, organized by the Association of German Sports Divers (VDST e.V.). Also this year, the Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz, following the tradition, presents together with the VDST the most beautiful pictures in its special exhibition “Life under water 2020”.

Already in 1893, the Frenchman Louis Boutan achieved the first underwater pictures in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. In his honor, the underwater photo and video competitions of the VDST are titled “Camera Louis Boutan”.

Like so many other events, the live competition had to be cancelled last year for security reasons. The other half of the Camera Louis Boutan – the submission competition – took place as usual. And so, until September 2021, visitors* can explore the secrets of local lakes and tropical coral reefs dry-footed and encounter tiny seahorses, whimsical Christmas trees and angry sea spirits, admire the filigree beauty of microscopic life or be captivated by the mystique of dim underwater worlds. Afterwards, “Life Under Water 2020” will go on a European tour as a traveling exhibition.

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Location and times

Heidelberg Zoo
26.09.2022 until 13.11.2023

Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz
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