Sonderausstellung Schwerelos | Dugong | (c) Armin Trutnau

Weightless - The world in water

Photographs by Armin and Birgit Trutnau

For most people, diving is the only way to experience weightlessness for themselves. What gives us an unusual and exciting feeling is natural for living creatures in the water. For a long time, however, animals were only seen on land or dimly seen as gray shadows through the surface of the water. Seeing them in their habitat in the light, colorful and up close, opens up a new world.

The fascinating photographs by Dr. Armin and Dr. Birgit Trutnau convey an impression of the feeling of weightlessness. All over the world and in the most diverse waters, the two find their photo models: from the tiny fire salamander larva in the local creek to toothy sharks and huge plankton-eating rays to the gigantic humpback whales of the Pacific Ocean.

The passionate diver and underwater photographer Birgit and Armin Trutnau have both been awarded several national and international prizes for their fantastic documents of the underwater world. Armin Trutnau was among others winner of the International German Championships of Underwater Photography “Camera Louis Boutan”.

Technical data

Extent: 44 pictures, 70 cm x 47 cm, laminated on plastic plates with eyelets for hanging, plus two textile banners with the exhibition title, each 1.0 m wide and 2.5 m long

Sum insured: 3.900 Euro
Hire lump sum: 200 Euro

For more information on the rental of this exhibition, please contact

Dr. Axel Christian
Head of Museum and Scientific-Technical Services
Phone: 03581/4760-5201

Locations and times

St. Marienstern Monastery Panschwitz-Kuckau, 11.04.2022 to 30.09.22

Maritime Museum Stralsund, 23.04.2015 to 01.11.2015

Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz, 14.09.2014 to 01.02.2014