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Permanent Exhibitions

SENCKENBERG BACKSTAGE – Collect, preserve, research

Look into the Senckenberg Institute Görlitz

A multimedia installation that allows visitors to take a look at the research and collections of the Senckenberg Institute Görlitz.

SENCKENBERG BACKSTAGE invites museum visitors to browse through features that follow researchers as they collect earthworms, look over their shoulders as they dissect a beaver, and showcase the diverse scientific collections full of sculptural shells, alien-looking horn mites, and iridescent insects. Only a small portion of the museum proper is open to the public. The stacks alone contain some 6.5 million collection items. They are valuable documents of the development of living beings in space and time and the subject of diverse and current research by our scientists. The installation provides a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of our research museum.


SENCKENBERG BACKSTAGE is being developed as part of the project “museum4punkt0 – Digital Strategies for the Museum of the Future” in subproject M5 “Explaining, Understanding, Participating in Research in Museums“.